Artist's Statement

My work is about water, landscape, and life.

Water is a metaphysical wonder––no other natural substance exists in three forms: liquid, solid, and gas. Through the hydrologic cycle of evaporation, cloud formation, and rain, water acts as a mediator between the heavens and Earth. With its capacity for transformation, water is the perfect embodiment of permanence and impermanence. By observing water, there is much to learn about navigating life––in stillness it reflects everything that is true and when moving it follows the path of least resistance. Water is life.

My monotypes are done on steel plates using mixed etching inks, then rolled by hand through an etching press. Some of the images are built with many – sometimes up to 20 – different impressions transferred to one sheet of paper. I use scrap metal, paper, string, wire, yarn, rubber to make impressions or to mask out areas. Each is a unique print, although sometimes I use the ghosted image left on the plate to create variations on a theme. Mostly I use imported, hand made paper with various textures and rich colors. Sometimes wax is applied to the prints, which are then mounted on cradled panels.

When painting, I work both in oil with oil stick and acrylic. The oil sticks are seductive in their creaminess and texture. But sometimes acrylics are more appropriate because their water-solubility allows for fume-free experimentation. Regardless of the medium, I apply many layers of paint to create the dimensional effect of seeing color behind color and through color.